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about K.I.C. Radio

Welcome to K.I.C Radio. It's our mission to bring you music from across the country genre. From the classics you have grown to know and love, to the up and coming singer/songwriters on their way to becoming tomorrow's superstars, and everything in between! We strive to differentiate ourselves from FM and, to some extent, satellite, radio by rotating songs to and from our playlists, and putting ample time between songs from the same artist. 

Aside from that, if it's a great song, we'll play it, no matter who wrote it. We recognize the fact that there is a gender and racial disparity in Country Music as a whole, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that does not carry over to this platform. 

We also want to do things the right way. We are fully licensed by, and report regularly to, the following PRO's:


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